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About el mundo

The certificate program el mundo is an additional course of study offered to all students who will teach any subject in any type of school. El mundo prepares for the challenges of a globalized world and raises awareness for aspects of sustainability in teaching and operating schools. In doing so, it reacts to various requests from science, politics and society, which regard the establishment of education for sustainable development as a cross-sectional task.

The el mundo program takes place parallel to students’ regular course of studies, starting for the first time in the winter term 2019/20. It includes five modules with 30 ECTS in total.

In order to find out more about past events, our external partners and networking, you can visit the German websites:

  • Events - an overview of past events
  • External Partners - a list of our partnerships with external affiliates
  • Networking - el mundo is part of several networks relating to sustainable development