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Putting Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into effect will become a major task for the 21st century, particularly for future teachers who are expected to participate in ESD but whose studies often do not prepare them for this task. el mundo Global Talks respond to the question how collaboration in teacher education can help bridge that gap and how it can contribute to the transdisciplinary demands of ESD. The Global Talks play an essential role in enabling collaborative spaces of dialogue and transfer of knowledge between educators from all over the world and el mundo students.

People of all academic disciplines, from schools or universities, local stakeholders, and civil society organisations come together in digital sessions to share their experience in specific ESD topics. This specifically includes perspectives from educators in the Global South.

Global Talks 2021/22 in the certificate program el mundo, aswell as past events:

Global Talks 2021/22

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Global Talks 2020/21

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